Students Proud to Share ePortfolios on Innovate 2015

During Innovate 2015  showcase time, a group of Middle School and Grade 9 students shared their ePortfolio blogs. They were so proud of their work and eager to explain. Participants were able to hear from students and also take away annotated blog post samples highlighting important elements on the post.


The following explanations were available at all times, indicating what to look for on the blog posts for each Division, and what the transition from Middle to High School looks like.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.53.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.53.47 AM

See snapshots of an annotated blog post below. Those annotations have been based on Anatomy of an ePortfolio: On Learning How to Learn and Anatomy of an ePortfolio: Developing Core Values.




See below the list of student blogs and blog posts showcased at Innovate 2015. Most of the blog posts were selected by the students:

Note on Copyright: Graded has a Copyright Policy and students are encouraged to create their own images or use images from Creative Commons. That is a work in progress at the school so you may still encounter images on blogs that may need to be evaluated under Fair Use or reconsidered for use.

Alyssa’s Blog 7th Grade

Stories = Progress
The Imperfect Community

Diego’s Blog 7th Grade

Science This Year Exhibits the Key to Learning: Passion
The Inside a Drop of Water: Exactly How Small is it?

Eliza’s Blog 9th Grade 

Take an Interest in Money
Music and Memory: The Science Fair

Fernando’s Blog 9th Grade 

Graded Barbie Bungy Jump Investigation Blog 2
BRICS Energy Proposal

Gian’s Blog 7th Grade

Doing projects, becoming creative
The Advancement of Technology in Our Societies

Laura dB’s Blog 7th Grade

The Power of Ruling People
Working with Unknown Quantities; Solving Systems of Inequalities

Luana’s Blog 9th Grade 

Combination of Two Artists
An Energy Proposal for China

Natasha’s Blog 7th Grade

Teaching Each Other
We Can Never Go Too Deep When it Comes to Data

Tatiana’s Blog 9th Grade 

BRICS Energy Analysis
Barbie Bungee Day 2 Testing & Conclusions

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