What is an ePortfolio Post About?

An ePortfolio is about documenting the learning process, showing growth and reflecting on learning. A consequence of that is the selection of showcase work as well. Below you see the rationale for online Portfolios as used by Graded School.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.51.52 AM

Here are some ways that you can document learning as an ePortfolio post. Notice the tags (labels) that students used for each one of these posts. These labels allow easy retrieval of blog posts under that topic. Also notice how  students may use Core Value (Habits of the Learner) as labels when appropriate.

Set Learning Goals

History Semester 2 Goals – Grade 9 Social Studies
Labels: 9th Grade, history 9

Dancing Through Fitness – My Fitness Goal – Grade 9 PE
Labels: 9th Grade, fitness, physical education, goals, innovative

Document and Reflect on Inquiry

Barbie Bungy Jump – Integrated Math I
Labels: 9th Grade, communicator, mathematics, math processes, recognising patterns

The Inside of a Drop of Water: Exactly How Small is It?

Document Learning Process

Midpoint Madness – Integrated Math I
Labels: 9th Grade, critical thinker, math

Project Rationale

Poetry Recitation Reflection – Grade 9 English
Labels: 9th Grade, english, reflective

Combination of Two Artists – Grade 9 Visual Arts
Labels : 9th Grade, painting, studio art

Connections to Current Events

Current Event Connection for Romeo and Juliet – Grade 9 English
Labels : 9th Grade, english, english 9

and Ask for Feedback or Challenge the Audience

Livro Histórias de Infância – Grade 8 Portuguese
Labels : 9th Grade, communicator, portuguese

Core Values Reflection

Science Quarter 1 Reflection – Integrated Science I
Labels : 9th Grade, critical thinker, curious, reflective, science


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