Innovate 2017 Conference: What is Your Strand?

Innovate 2017 is a conference hosted by Graded School every two years. It is an opportunity to gather a critical mass of educators around innovative ideas, providing roadmaps to transformation. If you have an innovative experience to share and/or if you want to be inspired by the experience of peers and renowned speakers in the field of education, join us!

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Request for Proposal starting April 20!!!

The Conference Strands listed below represent the different angles from which to look at transformation in education, which will be present in the different types of sessions. Our guest speakers will bring expertise and research-based practice that can help ignite us!

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Classroom Strand: Innovating Instruction & Assessment

Reimagining the way learning is facilitated through research-based strategies.

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Student Strand: Engaging Students

Involving all learners, empowering students to be accountable to their own learning journey, and creating supportive and inclusive environments.

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Leadership Strand: Igniting Leadership

Developing leaders and creating effective missions, schools and systems.

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Educator Strand: Transforming our Profession

Creating better ways of coaching, collaborating, and interacting to improve and innovate our profession and practice.

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