Beginning with the End in Mind

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.40.01 AM.pngAs we start a new school year, our attention and energies are pulled in many important directions: classroom set-up, scheduling, planning icebreaker activities for the first week, getting to know our students, and even getting to know our new colleagues. While we cannot sacrifice any of these tasks, we also must balance these needs with a clear vision of our overall trajectory for the whole year. In other words, beginning with the end in mind.

This is a phrase we often hear from inspirational gurus and even curriculum design leaders. Starting with the goals for the end of the year and working our way backwards to ensure that our students master our priority academic standards, but also develop the life-skills and character traits necessary for success this year and beyond.

Our celebrations of learning that take place at the end of each school year are an exciting glimpse at some of the ways that we embody the spirit and culture of our values, mission, and vision, while also guiding students to achieve the content standards and skills. I am pleased to share with you a short video that attempts to capture some of these celebrations.

As you begin the new school year with your students, you may want to also share this video with them – as a way to remind them of the journey they’ve already traversed in the Lower School, and the direction they are headed with you this year.

In advance, on behalf of the LS team, we thank you for all that you do to inspire and challenge our students, and ultimately supporting them to succeed.

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