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With the start of the new year comes a great deal of energy and enthusiasm towards moving our school forward. In order to be strategic and make the most of our time, the coaches, in collaboration with the Teaching & Learning Department, will be directing their efforts towards five main areas:


  • Our coaching cycles will focus on supporting the English Language Arts renewal process, as we coach teachers around a newly-revised unit. Following a student-centered approach, our cycles will also invite other faculty to observe, discuss, and reflect on the teaching & learning taking place.


  • As we work to ensure a vertically-aligned, viable, and agreed-upon curriculum, we will analyse our current curriculum documentation and identify areas for improvement. Working in collaboration with subject area and grade level leaders, we will support the revision of our curriculum and documentation of it , Which will also support the accreditation process taking place this year.


  • English Language Arts (ELA) will be going through a curriculum renewal cycle and as such we’ll be supporting the departments at each division in a process of prioritizing standards, unwrapping them, developing learning targets, and aligning assessments.
  • As the Science department prepares to adopt the NGSS standards, we will also support with research and the development of an implementation plan.


  • This year, we will be focusing on establishing consistent protocols for analysis and application of data. This work will begin with MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) data, but will extend to other data points (F & P reading data, spelling inventories, etc.).
  • As mentioned above, part of the professional development that we provide will be around improving the written curriculum, including the development of learning targets and aligning assessments.
  • We are also supporting with the planning of the Innovate conference, in which all Graded faculty will participate. This conference will highlight innovative ideas in education, and our department will support the cultivation of ideas that begin there.
  • Based on Graded’s strategic plan, other professional development opportunities will be organized.


  • In order to inform and involve the Graded community in the work of the Teaching & Learning department, we will share continuous updates of our progress on the T & L blog. We will also highlight meaningful examples of powerful instruction and student achievement taking place at Graded.

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