The Teaching and Learning Department supports Graded School’s mission through curriculum review and implementation, teacher professional development and support services.


Our Curriculum

We are committed to continuous improvement of the teaching and learning process so all students will have the knowledge, skills, concepts, processes and attitudes to participate as global citizens in the 21st century.  Through the implementation of quality teaching and learning we provide an aligned, robust curriculum.  At the heart of this plan is a focus on continuous improvement of curriculum and instruction in an effort to ensure:

  • A curricular system that is efficient, effective and sustainable
  • A means to measure improvement in student success
  • The institutionalization of collaboration as a process for ongoing curriculum and assessment review
  • A means to drive professional learning of the Graded community


Approach to Assessment

We have adopted an Assessment For Learning approach, with focus on formative assessment, feedback, student self-regulation. Grades are based on descriptors on a 1-7 scale, based on agreed upon standards.


Culture of Sharing and Collaboration

We promote teacher collaboration through PLCs focused on curriculum and assessment review, and also through different approaches like peer observation, teacher led workshops, and sharing of classroom activities through our blog.


Professional Development

We place great importance in teacher professional development, by offering individual funds and choice, as well as school funded opportunities. We also offer individualised, job-embedded PD through a coaching program. A Professional Growth and Supervision Plan is in place to support professional conversation and development.


Learning Support Program

The Learning Support program provides students with identified learning differences academic support services towards the mastery of grade level standards: English Language Learners, Counseling, Health & Nursing. We believe that special services should be integrated into the daily routines, classroom structure, and curriculum. Learning specialists collaborate with students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders to develop student support plans which maximize individual strengths. LS services are provided to meet the unique developmental needs of students at each level.  We aim to develop self-advocacy in all students to help them become confident, autonomous learners.