The T & L Team

The Teaching & Learning department at Graded welcomes the addition of new key roles that will better enable us to integrate, clarify, and strengthen our systems of support for all matters related to Teaching & Learning. Our current team includes:

Shauna HobbsWho:  Shauna Hobbs

Role:  Director of Teaching & Learning

Bio:  Shauna Hobbs has been at Graded since 2016.  As the Director of Teaching and Learning, she leads work in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, student supports, professional development, accreditation and school-wide conferences.  Prior to coming to Graded Shauna was the Executive Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction  in Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington.  Her work included professional development, curriculum design, materials adoption and grant-funded initiatives to support all principals and staff at Seattle Public Schools.   Her experience also includes leading preschool and elementary principals and staff in their professional work as PK-5 Instructional Services Director for City Schools of Decatur, Georgia.  Before her work at the district level Shauna served as a principal in Washington, Georgia and Tennessee. She has an Ed.S. from Walden University and an M.I.T. and B.A. from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In her spare time Shauna can be found running, fishing or spending time with her family, wife Shannon and son Jackson.

Your go-to for:  Anything Teaching and Learning

Kirsty WilkinsonWho:  Kirsty Wilkinson

Role: Accreditation Coordinator, IB Extended Essay and CAS Coordinator

Bio: Kirsty has been working at Graded for three years, for the last two years as High School Assistant Principal and this year as IB Extended Essay/CAS Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator. This is Kirsty’s eighth country she has taught in with twenty years of IB experience. Prior to working at Graded, she was the IB MYP Coordinator at Westlake Academy in Texas and took the school through their MYP evaluation. She has served as the IB Diploma Coordinator in China and Saudi Arabia. She has served on a variety of accreditation teams and IB authorization teams; has completed the Principal Training Center for International Leadership and has been an examiner for the IB. In her spare time, Kirsty likes to travel, read and spend time with her family.

Your go-to for:  Questions about the IB programme, the IB Extended Essay, the CAS and service programme and AdvancED accreditation procedures.

CAB_PPhotoWho:  Colette Bounet

Role:  Chair of Optimal Learning Services (OLS)

Bio: Colette Bounet is a new teacher working in the Optimal Learning Services Department at Graded. She is new to Brazil, but started her international life at a young age, in Morocco. She studied at the Rabat American School through middle and high school and moved back to the US to attend Harvard University. There she studied History and Literature of Latin America. Her teaching began after studying Early Childhood Special Education at George Washington University. She received an endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language and later completed a second Master’s degree in Supervision and Administration. Her teaching career has spanned the last 20 years and has included various positions, such as resource teacher, classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal.  In her free time, Colette enjoys cooking, running, and traveling.

Your go-to for: Questions about intervention students and OLS

Amy GregoryWho:  Amy Gregory

Role:  Chair of English Language Learner (ELL) Department, K-12

Bio:  Amy has been an ELL teacher in the Lower School since she arrived at Graded in July of 2015. As a department chair, she is working on aligning the K-12 ELL program to meet the needs of our students learning English. She is also the co-chair for the English Language Arts team in the Lower School. Amy is originally from the metro-Detroit area of Michigan, and taught in Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Brazil. She received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in general science and elementary education, with a specialization in environmental studies. She quickly became fascinated with languages when she began working as a first grade teacher with many students who were learning English. She earned her master’s degree from Grand Valley State University in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). In addition to English, she speaks Spanish and is learning Portuguese. She enjoy traveling, hiking, exercising, eating, gardening, and reading.

Your go-to for: Questions about language acquisition, WIDA framework and testing, instruction and intervention for ELLs.

Colleen Boerner copyWho:  Colleen Boerner

Role:  Head of Libraries

Bio: Colleen has been at Graded since July 2015, working as a Teacher Librarian in the Upper School Library. In addition to her role as Head of Libraries, Colleen serves as a subject area leader in the middle school, head of department in the high school, member of the Teaching and Learning Leadership Team (TLLT) and as a 7th grade advisor. She has 27 years of teaching experience, 12 years as a Teacher Librarian and 15 years teaching high school social studies. Additionally, Colleen has served as an Extended Essay Coordinator and Senior Project Coordinator. Prior to joining the Graded community, Colleen worked at the American International School Dhaka in Bangladesh, Korea International School in Seoul and 3 public high schools in Washington State, USA. With access to so much information via the internet and the preponderance of ‘fake news’ through social media, the role of librarians and the library program is more essential than ever in helping students be critical consumers of information. This year, Colleen and the library team will be unpacking Graded’s newly adopted information literacy standards and scaffolding curriculum to ensure that our students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.  In her spare time, Colleen likes to travel, read, try new restaurants, walk her dog Hunter, play games, watch sports and spend time with family.

Your go-to for: Collaboration, curriculum support, unit planning, information and media literacy, locating and accessing information, research process, evaluating sources, academic honesty, book recommendations, and all things library.

Silvana Meneghini, PhDWho: Silvana Meneghini

Role:  Teaching & Learning Coach

Bio: Silvana has been working at Graded for the past 18 years, in different positions K-12. Currently, Silvana is a Teaching and Learning Coach for the Upper School, being responsible for job-embedded professional development through coaching cycles, as well as curriculum work and teacher support for diverse teaching needs like unit planning, assessment, instructional strategies, technology integration (modern literacies), etc. Her work also included designing and co-teaching an Introduction to Engineering course in High School. Silvana started working at Graded as an Academic Technology Coordinator at Elementary School, then moving to Upper School.  She was an active collaborator in the 1:1 laptop initiative at the school in 6th Grade moving up to High School. Her role involved developing information literacy curriculum and a major research project in Grade 10 as an assessment for this program. She was also a advocate for and co-designer of an ongoing electronic portfolio for students. Silvana holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Education from King’s College, University of London. She is passionate about photography and cooking, and loves to share her passion on social media.

Your go-to for: ALL subject areas; coaching cycles, curriculum support and documentation, unit planning, assessment, instructional strategies, technology integration / modern literacies.

Aaron VanBorekWho:  Aaron Van Borek

Role:  Teaching & Learning Coach

Bio:  Aaron has been working at Graded for the last 7 years, as both a third grade homeroom teacher and more recently as a Teaching & Learning coach for the Lower School.  Before working in education, Aaron studied and worked in the fine arts, as both a photographer and film director.  His passion for social justice led him to complete a community-based arts project in Northeastern Brazil, which ultimately began his journey in international education and his love of Brazil. Aaron formally trained to be a teacher at OISE/UT, completing his student teaching in public schools in Toronto.  He then went on to do an internship in the Caribbean, fuelling his desire to teach internationally.  His teaching posts have included Mexico City, Dubai, and Sao Paulo. As a homeroom teacher, Aaron was passionate about developing interdisciplinary units with authentic assessments, integrating technology in ways that allow students to develop their talents with new media, collaborating with others, and empowering his students to “virtually travel the world.” As a Teaching & Learning coach, Aaron has supported the Lower School division in revising and documenting their curriculum, with a special focus on Social Studies and Language Arts.  Aaron has supported the division in adopting a workshop model for reading and writing instruction, as well as a labsite model, including peer observations, for professional development.  Aaron is passionate about learning and growing, and supporting others (both students and teachers) in achieving their personal goals. In his free time, Aaron enjoys photography, cooking, biking, reading, traveling, and spending time with son.

Your go-to for:  ALL subject areas; coaching cycles, curriculum support and documentation, unit planning, assessment, instructional strategies, thinking partner on data-analysis.

Edil SantosWho:  Edil Santos

Role:  Teaching & Learning Assistant

Bio: Edil is originally from Amazonas state, north of Brazil. He began working in the area of Human Resources in 2012. In 2016, Edil started to work at Graded with the HR Department, and in 2017 he was transferred to a position in the T&L Department.  As T&L Assistant, Edil is responsible for managing the Individual Professional Development budget for the whole faculty team. With this duty, Edil is frequently in contact with teachers at school, working side by side with the T&L Director for PD purposes. Some of his duties include: contacting international institutions, managing invoices and international orders for individual professional development, PD registration, managing the budget from his division, as well as the individual PD budget, and working together with the Director of Teaching and Learning and Administration of the school. Edil focuses on ensuring the best experiences for faculty members who attend or present at international conferences and institutions. He also assists the school with international events and local bureaucracy and he is always involved with different projects at the school.  In his spare time, Edil likes to workout, spend time outdoors, make new friends, as well as explore more parts of Sao Paulo.

Your go-to for: Individual professional development questions and needs.