Coaching Model

The first question you may have regarding the coaching model is “what is a teaching and learning coach?” The slideshow below illustrates the idea:

The coaching model at Graded School is based on Diane Sweeney’s Student-Centered Coaching, which is focused on the use of student data to improve student learning. In a coaching cycle, the goal is to identify where students are and where students need to be in relation to standards and learning targets, and figuring out how to bridge that gap. There are different terms to describe a coaching cycle, but basically it follows the following steps:

Coaching Cycle


It is important to understand that the coach is in a “supporting” role, so it not in any way evaluative. The relationship between coach and teacher remains between coach and teacher, so it is not reported to the administration.


The coaching role started mostly as a transition from the old Academic Technology Coordinator role. So in High School, the following Infographic was used to explain the rationale behind this move, indicating how the infusion of modern literacies is still a strong part of the coaching role, though deepening the focus on learning that we had before.

Teaching and Learning Coach


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