Rubicon Editing & Navigation

Click on the links to watch a short screencast ( 5 min max) on how to edit and navigate Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Maps:


How to modify Unit name, sequence , duration

How to create and delete a Unit

How to edit the Standards box

How to edit Content / Skills / Learning Targets / Differentiated / Resource boxes

How to edit the Assessment Evidence box:

Add new assessment
Attaching the assessment
Identify standards assessed
Identify level of mastery (I, P, M)

How to attach documents and links with more detailed info  (you can have a combination of the following):

Shared Google Drive Folder for your Unit
Unit Planner (lesson level: most updated version)
Assessment (attached to each Assessment  on Assessment Evidence box : most updated version)

How to flag standards as priority in the map (To be done by team leaders who have been given admin rights)


How to browse and view any subject area curriculum map

How to access archived maps