Professional development planning is a collaborative effort, involving the director of teaching and learning, the superintendent, principals, associate principals, coaches, and, on occasion, other stakeholders, including information and communications technology (ICT), school counselors, and other departments.

In 2018-2019, Faculty will have a wide range of professional development opportunities to meet their needs and fulfill the strategic plan.  This year our focused professional development will fall into the following areas:




School-wide professional development facilitated by outside consultants

Assessment for and Of Learning

Natalie Bolton

Writer’s Workshop

Erin Kent

Vertical Articulation:  PP-12 subject, content or grade level specific.

Reading Renewal (English and Portuguese)

Teaching and Learning, Division Principals and Teacher Leader Facilitators

Science Renewal

Social Studies Renewal  (English and Portuguese)

Power Standards, Quality Assessments and Unit Planning

IB Unit Development


Area of focus on division and strategic plan

Division Principals with support from Teaching and Learning


Quarterly focus on optimal learning services or English language learners

Teaching and Learning and Student Support Faculty

Individual Professional Development

Calendar for Job Embedded Options

Job Embedded:  Peer Observation

Support from Teaching and Learning and Division Principals


Job Embedded:  Book Study

Leadership Pathways

Individually Selected Professional Conferences

Small group coaching

New Option for Professional Development:   Online Competency-Based Courses

This year we will be offering a series of online professional development opportunities.  Over the next few weeks, you will receive regular emails with relevant T & L information including our online professional development options each focused on foundational resources including curriculum, technology, library, coaching and other pertinent resources.  T and L have worked with our amazing instructional technology team to provide relevant online professional development opportunities. Each online option will include a performance-based task to be submitted at the conclusion of the PD.

In addition, we will offer as a component of all of our professional development online and face to face, the option of obtaining a shareable digital badge. Professional development will include performance tasks.  Upon submission of the tasks, faculty will receive a badge that can be digitally shared or included on a CV.  In some cases, we offer micro-credentials for completion of a series of professional development options.

 If you would like more information check the online options or digital badging.

Looking forward to an amazing year of learning and growing together.

Shauna Hobbs

Director of Teaching and Learning


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