Professional Growth & Supervision

Guiding Documents
Professional Learning Framework
The goal of the Professional Learning Framework is to link the structures and practices of Graded in an effort to provide a cohesive program that aligns towards school-wide goals and highlights areas where teachers have the autonomy to choose their depth of study. [Full document]

Teaching and Learning Framework

Instruction: Effective instruction at Graded School is characterized by high levels of student engagement and autonomy. In addition to being purposeful, differentiated, and intellectually challenging, quality instruction leads to enthusiasm and joy on the part of the students and teachers. Learning is a social and collaborative endeavor, exemplified by multiple voices and diverse perspectives contributing to the instructional process.

Assessment: Like instruction, effective assessment is engaging and challenging. It comes in many forms and types- diagnostic, formative, and summative- yet it is always appropriate, well-structured, and differentiated, often requiring collaboration amongst different learners. Most importantly, quality assessment is authentic and transparent, providing students with a fair and attainable venue to proudly exhibit what they have learned.

Learning Environment: Effective learning at Graded School takes place within a safe and welcoming environment, one in which students are focused and engaged. It is an environment that is stimulating yet comfortable, exciting yet organized, open to risk yet supportive. Always student-centered, the environment is often interactive and characterized by varied groups of learners that have the flexibility to move around, challenge and coach each other, and enjoy purposeful dialogue within an atmosphere of trust, respect, and collaboration. [Full document]

Professional Growth and Supervision Plan 2015-2016

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