Stop Motion

  • Animation made with a sequence of drawings or scenes, reproducing movement and placed on a video editor.
  • Slowmation: take pictures of drawings made on paper using your cellphone, send to the computer and edit using iMovie or MovieMaker. (the more drawings you have to represent motion, the more natural it will look.
  • Graded examples: 8th Grade Helium Project (wait to load first); 6th Grade Shark Poem.
  • See the example below of stop motion using figures made of modelling doll:

Common Craft Style Animation

  • Drawings, animation of paper, voice and hand movements

 Drawing animation – Story of Stuff Style

  • See this example of a Story of Stuff: it shows animated drawings over a green screen where the speaker is presenting.
  • You can use online applications such as Videoscribe to reproduce the animated drawings (though it is a paid app, but you can use the trial version). See an example from a Grade 9 History project.
  • You can produce a similar effect by just video recording someone drawing on a whiteboard. See an example from Graded Grade 9 History:

Animation Applications

Video Editing Tutorials

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