• Soundcloud is a social media audio sharing online application.
  • You can record using any device then upload to a Soundcloud account.
  • Another option is to record directly on the Soundcloud site, but make sure you have good and fast Internet connection.
  • You can also record directly on SoundCloud mobile for cellphones
  • You can also easily embed soundcloud tracks to a blog or site by getting the embed code.


Search audio tracks on Creative Commons

  • Search JAMENDO site for Creative Commons Attribution AUDIO. You will find VERY GOOD AUDIO TRACKS.

 Citing Audio

  •  YOU MUST ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT BY PROVIDING A CITATION, even if you are using Creative Commons.
  • Add citation on your site after the audio clip.
  • Citing online music:
    Author. “Song Title”. Date of Publication. Album Name. Jamendo (name of the site). Date of access. <URL>
  • Example:


Dead Relic. “The Truth (Will Set You Free).” Apr. 2013. Dead Relic EP. Jamendo. Web. 10 May 2013.<;


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