Teacher Webpage Examples (Google Sites)

Fostering student self-directed learning

Resource Curation

Refers to the resources that you organize and make available to the students for easy reference, anytime anywhere. Students themselves can help add learning resources at times.

Example Genetics Unit Page

  • Essential questions and learning objectives are clear.
  • A variety of resources is available.
  • The visual language of a webpage is explored by embedding selected videos that capture the attention and engage

Example Project Showcase

  • Students are the ones contributing to the learning of others by posting their projects independently on the webpage.
  • The showcase page(s) or website can be used as a learning resource and as a community awareness resource.

Off-Class Work: Homework x Flipped Class

Off-class work can be assigned wither as practice work or as preparation for the next class, as in a flipped class model.

Example Homework Page

  • Set up a an announcements page on Google Sites, allowing easy posting in a “blog style”.
  • Homework postings have links to documents, external resources, images, making it engaging and easy to follow. You can also link to other oages on the website.

Example Screencast Page: Embedded & Linked Screencasts; Google Sites File Cabinet Page

  • Screencasts are used to flip instruction and/or used as review.
  • You can create your own screencasts or link/embed from someone who has done it already.
  • Embedded screencasts make the most of the visual language of website and are more engaging.
  • Linked screencasts allow saving the videos somewhere else (Youtube), not taking up space from Google Sites.
  • Google Sites File Cabinet style pages can organize links in folders. This is a more traditional way of organizing links and files (be careful to use files in this type of page as it takes up memory from the site).


Classroom activities can be posted in the same way as homework. You can create another “announcements” type page in Google Sites and call it “Activities”.

Example Daily Lessons Page

  • The “announcements” style allow posting class activities as in a journal, so students can easily go back for review.
  • All necessary resources are included: linked or embedded in the activity post.
  • You can also link to any resources page on your website.