Writing Core Value Comments in High School

Shared Criteria for Effective Comments

(Criteria taken from brainstorming during High School Faculty meeting February 2015)

– Make comment concise and to the point (appropriate length)
Use accessible language – be aware of non native English speakers
– Identify core value clearly using Graded language
– Use student voice through paraphrasing – include self evaluation
– Praise achieved growth
– Refer to specific examples regarding areas of improvement and areas of excellence.
– Set rigorous high achievement goals

Resources and Ideas for Crafting Comments

Graded Examples

Core Values Semester Reflection, ePortfolio post Integrated Science I
Project ePortfolio Post with Core Value LabelIntegrated Math I
Connecting Goals and Redirecting Steps ePortfolio post FLEX
Individual Student Progress Card, IB Bio HL, Amaral
Feedback & Reflection Journal sample from IB Literature HL Mary Pfeiffer
Student CAS Portfolio Site (check links to individual students)

External resource

Comment Framework – Progress Reports and Report Cards, Growing Success (2010)

Sample Student Overall Reflection & Teacher Comments

This example is taken from a Grade 9 student ePortfolio blogpost. This post was the result of a FLEX activity where students had to review and reflect on the following, to define next steps:
– life goal defined in Counseling
– previous core value reflections in different subject areas
– teacher core value comments (see some excerpts under this sample)

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.16.31 PM

See some excerpts from teachers’ comments :

  • Integrated Math I ...I would like to encourage Bruna to focus on the core value “curious”. In class Bruna should try to ask questions in order to reach deeper and broacher understanding of the concepts.
  • Computer Graphics I suggest that she takes more risks when producing her graphic projects.  She is very organized in her layouts but needs to take more chances with layering, overlapping, cropping and manipulations as design techniques in her artistic productions.
  • English 9 … To improve your risk taking skills, it would be great to see some different types of genre in your journal.


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